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  • New Year Offer! from start to expand your business we are here! Get 20% off on all of our web development / Designing, SMM and SEO Packages! Contact now at +971543564308

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Your Business?

Around 3.8 million people use social media through the globe. The availability of brands, products and services on the internet has connected millions of businesses and companies to their clients and this is why the digital platform has become increasingly important for businesses around the world. This shift from physical branding to having it all on the convenience of a few clicks has had the impact of increasing the popularity of digital marketing in the UAE. But in a market, companies are dependant on the perception of customers and social media or websites is the perfect platform to set that image in front of your clientele. This is why social media marketing has become an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy.

If your business is struggling to find ways to attract the customers that you wish to bring towards your company then you should consider investing in a company that is ready to provide you with efficient digital marketing ideas that not only suit the nature of your business but also uplift and add value to it. Essentially, digital marketing can be branched into ample sub-categories, for example, social media marketing, SEO content, Pay-per-click (PPC) options, website development & designing and email marketing.  

Even though all these categories have an independent impact on your business sales, a combination of them is what makes your marketing strategy the most effective. Social media marketing enables your company to have a higher reach than it is allowed geographically, with ample ways to get your products across the globe, it has become increasingly common for companies to use social media as a basis to spread awareness of their product around the globe. Actually, social media is an extremely effective tool if your product or service is such that it is likely to resonate more with the younger generation or the age-group that is more likely to use social media as a medium of shopping or exploring. Websites and applications have made online shopping and brand presence even more convenient with ‘shop’ options. For example, the new instagram update consists of a separate tab for just shopping and business listings.

Digital marketing also consists of other options such as PPC. PPC is the method through which you generate income primarily via advertisements. It is a mechanism through which advertisers pay a fee each time their advertisement is played or clicked on. This allows businesses to display their services and products as digital advertisements anywhere on the internet. The smart way to accomplish a strong client base out of this is to particularly place your advertisements on websites that are likely to be visited by your target market. For example, if you are a business which offers children’s toys then your advertisements should pop-up on websites that are used by children- game websites – or perhaps young parents.   

Oreezo offers you guidance on all this and more. Our team is skillful enough to recommend the kind of digital marketing branch that your business requires the most. This is so that you deploy your resources smartly. For example, for businesses which connect to a relatively older market, Email marketing is highly common because around 90% people who fall into the age group of 40-70 tend to use e-mail. Oreezo also provides you with the service of getting your business the ideal website designed and developed. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an agent and experience it all for yourself.